Other Service

A good web development company apart from providing world-class websites should also be able to do other services for the success of the websites. Geton9 solutions is one such company with all the end to end support for complete web development. The following are the other services provided by Geton9 solutions for successful websites.

Lead Generation

Lead generation has many aspects. They could help in list buildings, e-newsletter list for acquisitions and mainly for sales leads. These sales leads are the backbone of any business.

Web Hosting

Hosting the website for its end users to be accessed is web hosting. The high quality of the web hosting in the clouds could be one of the major contributor for the websites success. Web hosting are done with free domain registrations for the websites.

  • ERM or Enterprise Risk Management,
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management
  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response
  • Interactive voice response technology are well done by Geton9 solutions at reasonable cost without compromise in quality.
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